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Updated for July 2018!

So, this blog hasn’t been updated in years, a lot has happened since, if you’ve kept up the last thing I spoke about was my photo books. Since then, what’s happened?

First off, 2015 I got married, the best thing that has happened to me, I wouldn’t have gotten through the last couple of years without the support of my wife. And why not? Well, I got very ill back in 2016, I’m recovering, with constant hospital visits and lots of medication. This year I lost my job with the company I’d been with since 2005, and it certainly wasn’t above board how they did it, but I couldn’t really do much about it! My cycling and fitness have taken a big step backwards, I hardly remember what a bike looks like! Anyway, I’m on the way back up, so I should be updating things more often.

As it is, I have two more websites you can have a look at, one of them has evolved from my love of movies: http://iwatchedthismovie.com

The other is my professional website, but it needs a lot more work, but it’s there, have a look: http://shoguntechsolutions.co.uk

Anyway, below is what I wrote back in 2012…It’s still me, so I’ll leave it here as well.

Hi, you’ve come here to know something about…Me in Buxton

About what? Well, why am I blogging? I thought instead of writing my thoughts down in a notepad that only I get to read, and that I will prob loose, or have indeed lost, a better way is writing it on the web…

I’m a cyclist, i like to push myself on the bike, although lately, I’ve not been doing many solo rides, which I used to take great pleasure in. The social aspect of cycling week in, and week out really appeals to me. But when attending an event, sportive etc, I tend to do them solo. Maybe I need the focus…

I also like travelling and everything about exploring new Countries and cities, I’m not too much of a beach holiday type of person <I can remember one holiday spent by the beach….and that wasn’t enjoyable!>

Photography. Only three hobbies, pass times, and activities have been prevalent throughout my life, photography being one, and one I don’t give enough time to. When I’m on holiday, travelling etc, I always have a camera close at hand, it’s second nature to take photos, but day to day, my camera stays at home <apart from the one on my phone!> I really need to take a camera with me more often

The second and third activities or hobbies if you will, are films and reading. Books, magazines or stuff on the internet, if it has words, I’m in! For the most part, I read fiction, and a lot of Sci-Fi and fantasy <think Warhammer 40k, Game of Thrones, LotR etc>. And I suppose the love of words and worlds as it were, is why I like movies…I find the same pleasure in reading a book as I do in watching a film, although I do tend to watch a fair amount of rubbish as well, whereas my reading list is more considered.

Well, that’s a little about me…..I’m not sure you need to know my life history…

Oh, I nearly forgot, I love to cook as well, preparing, cooking and eating food is one of my biggest passions…..Yeah, I know, and I nearly forgot about it!!!

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