Bangkok has consumed another…

Being chewed up and spat out is an interesting experience….

Bangkok has so many facets to it, you think you have got a handle on what’s happening, you start to get into a flow and things to start to click into gear……then……

“BANG” something new just smacks you in the face……it’s doing that a lot lately.

I last blogged about the first day or two in Bangkok, since then, a couple of things have happened, We travelled to Koh Tao, all ready to relax and dive on the gorgeous tropical island and explore it’s beautiful lands and waters….

Well, I’m not mentioning the dive company, but once we got there, they just seemed like the most half arsed, can’t be bothered, two pence <one baht?> company on earth. We were not impressed!

To make a very long and uninteresting story more concise, lets just say, every promise they made was broken, they didn’t want to fix the problems <or even admit to them!> in short, we left their “accommodation”, (i use that word in the loosest terms possible), and checked into a completely different resort.

We then found that once you are on Koh Toa there isn’t much apart from diving to do, and since we had decided against the diving course, we thought we would cut our losses, go snorkelling for a couple of days and then head straight back to Bkk….Really, it was calling us!

So, we had a hellish bus/boat journey to the Island, totally screwed over by the dive company, and to top it off we only had one day of snorkelling as i was ill from one of the many, many tourist trap restaurants in Sairee Beach. I won’t be going back there, as we wandered around, most of the time we thought we might as well been on the Costa del sol, it really felt like a Spanish holiday resort. We escaped from there, and got back to Bangkok, within 3 days we had rented an apartment…….Oh yeah, the chewing up, spitting out…..soon…Image

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