So… People, are you all ignorant bastards or what… I write this after sitting at a restaurant for the evening, and choosing one on the riverside to people watch…. Now, my opening statement might seem harsh to the 10’s, well, I would say 50-60 people that innocently walked past where I was sitting… But this is the thing, opposite of me was a Tuk Tuk driver, and as is the want of many of these guys, they need to drive people around to make money…. So, in any town/city in se Asia, you will be asked if you want a Tuk Tuk multiple times…. It takes a simple no, or otday (in Cambodia at least) for them to look elsewhere….. They are not aggressive in phnom phen…. Actually they are pretty much laid back in their approach…. What I witnessed here I didn’t like thou, 90% of the people wandering by ignored the guy, like he wasn’t worthy of speaking to them… Some even looked a completely different way as if the voice was in a distant land they couldn’t see…. I’m not sure what they think, saying no doesn’t tax you does it…. And along this strip you probably only say it 10-15 times…. Which is a lot less then some places, Siem reap was terrible for it… But still, why the ignoring…. Even a shake of the head….. Ahhh, balls…. I don’t like most of the foreigners here anyway, they give me (yes, me!!) and bad name….. The bastards…. Well, I’ll ignore them now….. They won’t notice though….

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