I’m sitting on a train on my way to see the fantastic Dave Gorman at the orchard theatre, so looking forward to this, especially as the last time I bought tickets to see him, I couldn’t make it in the end… (i don’t remember the reason now though!)
This week I have been off work, with the 2 bank holidays it was a great opportunity to get a week off for only 3 holiday days.. Unfortunately the weather being atrocious I haven’t spent much of it on the bike. And the weekend is looming now, and that’s where the conflict for me is.. This weekend is the wiggle Dragon sportive in Wales, I did it last year, and was booked to do it again this year, but my circumstances have changed quite a bit and I need to save money like crazy… My dilemma is whether to spend more money and do the ride, or write it off and save the money, as what’s coming is much more exciting, and in fact the only thing on my mind at the moment (apart from long hours this week playing mass effect 3!) I was completely intent on going to Wales, even after a riding partner cried off, it was only lately though I realised the expense of the weekend. With petrol and maybe an extra hotel night, and plus food, I just don’t think it’s the best idea… The fact that it looks like it’s going to be a terrible weekend weather wise doesn’t help the cause either!
I enjoyed riding the dragon last year, it was tough, the toughest and longest day I had ridden up to that point, the tour of the peak 2 weeks ago was harder though and I can’t see this year’s dragon being like that. There was things about the dragon that just didn’t work last year, and and with a change of organiser I was interested in how much better it should be, although it looks like the same timing chips, so maybe much hasn’t changed. I’ve had a few ppl make good points for and against going, and I feel a bit let down in myself not to be doing it, I just know, what’s around the corner will blow everything else away, so take great comfort in that.

2 thoughts on “Conflicts

  1. Well you know what I think… pros and cons for both sides, but only you can make the decision. As a side note, if you decide not to go this weekend you’re not letting yourself down. You did a fantastic job at the TOTP a couple of weeks ago, so let that achievement outweigh any negative thoughts about the Dragon. 🙂 xx

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