Where did you see it last……

Well, last week was busy, had lots to catch up on, after the holiday spent doing not much at all. Well, that’s not strictly true, i spent time doing all the crappy jobs I don’t want to do ususally when i’m working. I wanted to spend hours and hours on my bike, but the weather restricted that to 2or 3 rides during the week. Now, normally the rain doesnt bother me much, but what does is wind, especially the wind that makes trying to turn the pedals like one big torture session. Now, in the last post http://rodfransz.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/conflicts/  I mentioned that i had decided not to ride the Dragon in wales, and indeed i didn’t, but since then, I have been bombarded with emails, tweets and updates about how great it was, and “well done” on completing the ride!! Yeah, thanks, no need to keep on at me…..I don’t think i’m going to do any more big sportives this year, it’s going to have to be group/club rides, and maybe some of the smaller sportives near me.

I have had a mixture of emotions this weekend, as my best friend just had her 30th bday, and got engaged on the same day, so for the whole weekend it was a huge party with lots of drinking and eating rubbish (that means, pizza, crisps, cake and the likes!) My body really isnt used to this anymore, and have felt sluggish and without an ounce of energy since getting home on Sunday. I need to return to my fitness regime, this means early mornings again, as the football takes up my evenings currently. On that note, my predictions are not turning out great! http://rodfransz.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/euro-2012-predictions/ The downside of the weekend is that I can’t find my Passport, I have one place I keep the passport, everytime I get back from a holiday, it goes in the same place. But i went to get it on Friday night, and it wasn’t there, I spent Sunday afternoon ripping my house aprt, and it’s no where to be found! I have absolutley no idea where it is, and that’s so fustrating…..


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