Moving on….and getting closer to it….

Things are starting to get very real….

I’m leaving my job of (nearly) 8 years to go travelling indefinitely….Yeah, as long as i want to (well, we want to, it’s me and 2 friends!)

Well, as i type this, I’ve told the person that we are employing to part take over my job (part, as in my job is being split up, yeah, i do that much work!!) that she has got the job. As each week goes past, things get more real, and new things are happening, booking the flight, giving my notice in and now finding my (part) replacement.

Next big thing is selling my bikes and related biking gear, this part will be the biggest deal, I love my bikes….But they have to go, can’t have them laying about doing nothing….Someone needs to be using them, and I need to be using the money I get from them.

If anyone reads this and wants some biking gear or even some of my camera gear, you can find them here

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2 thoughts on “Moving on….and getting closer to it….

  1. I don’t like this entry.. It just made me think that 2 months ago it had only really just been decided. The peaks was awesome and seems like it was 2 weeks ago, not 2 months. In another 2 months we’re talking goodbyes. Much as I want you to have an awesome time… Well… You know. 🙁 xxx

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