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The usual excuse I hear is I need the energy to wake up, or if I don’t have it I’m not able to function properly. When was it that energy drinks took over? I’m quite sure I remember a time when there wasn’t any, then there was red bull, which promptly got banned in countries that care about their populace, Denmark, France and Finland I think being amongst them, and well done, a early insight there (although I think since them early days they are now available! Booo)

As I walk to the station in the morning, every second person needs to have some sort of energy drink in their hands… Now, I’m not saying I’m totally innocent, I used to drink the same stuff quite a bit… My favourite was Monster original, but I realise that the drink just isn’t Monster, it’s a total horror story….. The grip that these drinks have on people is ridiculous, the cheapest I have seen is about 49p!! What exactly do people think is in it for that price? Some special life giving elixir? Well, no, pretty much these drinks when combined with the general population leads to a huge increase in their sugar intake…. And with a low degree of exercise or activity, this turns into a nice increase in fat levels… The energy is short lived, has no real advantage over healthier energy sources (an apple anyone?), and in the long run, what affect are all these chemicals having on our bodies?  I’m someone that likes to experiment and mess with my diet, I’m able to chop and change my foods quite easily, and see what effects it has on my body, energy drinks for me were simple to give up, and surprise, surprise, I’m still able to get up and function properly in the morning…(OK, I still want a cup of coffee, but I understand why I want the coffee, how it affects me, and the pro’s and cons of drinking it, which are mainly positive!)

I feel sometimes I can point this out many times, but the fantastic marketing of this companies fool people into believing they now need to have this short term energy boost, they can’t think back to a time they didn’t need these drinks…. Even though their activity levels have decreased or in fact stopped, they feel the need to get more energy, why? Is this the same affect smoking companies had on their consumers in the 50’s? When they convinced ppl that smoking was good for them, look what happened there! There are companies promoting healthier energy drinks, now I’m not to familiar with a lot of these, but if they take away the sugar, what are they replacing it with, more chemicals? do we need more chemicals inside us?? I found that unless someone is serious about their health, these drinks will be part of the diet, a good friend of mine has them every day, he feels they help him through the day, I’ve got blue in the face telling him otherwise, and he has the evidence all around him… His colleagues are not drinking the stuff, and losing weight, and hey,they can still work efficiently through the day, he gains weight while he doesn’t do exercise and continues to consume can after can… I don’t know if it’s the addictive part of his brain that doesn’t want to let go, or he just doesn’t believe what we tell him….
I don’t use any platforms to rant, but after seeing someone drinking a can at 7.20 this morning, and just trying to understand why this woman needed a sugar boost I had to get it down In writing…. Something has told her to drink a can of 49p liquid sugar, and she probably doesn’t know any better, but still wonders why she piles the pounds on…And ultimately she really doesn’t care, not until something drastic happens….And that really is the saddest part…

</rant over>

P.s. After adding the picture of the fantastically named Hooligan Energy drink, i realised that you could get that for 33p a can!! So, yeah, go on….rush out and buy some, it’s cheaper than water…;)

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